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Hudson Chiropractic in Hudson, Ohio offers quality care for the entire family at an affordable rate.

Above and Beyond Service

"The thing I love the most about Hudson Chiropractic is the time Dr. Bob and the staff put into making you feel at home. When I called the very first time, Dr. Bob actually got on the phone and gave me some suggestions for short-term relief and they got me right in. I don't know how many doctor's offices you could say that about! Thank you Dr. Bob - and the staff at Huson Chiropractic - for helping to take away my pain!"       Amy Dorsy |  Stow, Ohio

Experience You Can Count On

"When you walk into his office,  Dr. Bob is the only doctor I know who will make you feel 10 times better  when you walk out.’      B. Eimer | Hudson, Ohio 

Keeps Me in the Game

"As a professional golfer  playing on the Champions Tour, I have a lot of stress on my back.   Regular visits with Dr. Bob have kept me aligned and on the links.  I  am grateful for Dr. Bob."     Mark Wiebe | PGA Champions Tour

Attention to Detail

"I have been visiting Dr. Bob for several years. I am a construction worker; carpentry, concrete, plumbing - whatever needs done. Every time I injure myself, Dr. Bob fixes me up and keeps me going. He is the best chiropractor I have ever used. I have had a bad L5 for 30 years and have seen many chiropractors. He does the little extras and is always happy. The office staff are also excellent."     Aaron Sherrod | Northfield, Ohio

Migraine Relief for Better Quality of Life

 "I have suffered with migraines for over twenty years and have tried countless medical and herbal treatments, all with little or no relief. I started seeing Dr. Bob about two months ago and have experienced a dramatic decrease in both the amount and severity of my migraines. The change has been  incredible. I only wish I had sought out chiropractic treatment years ago. Now that I am not burdened with near-constant chronic pain, I have a new and better quality of life."    Sara Harmon | Hudson, Ohio 

Impressive Personalized Care

"From  my very first visit I was impressed! The consultation was very thorough  with a full explanation of what was happening with my neck, why it was  occurring and a plan for treatment.  My neck now has a  full range of  motion and the personalized care along the way was just incredible!  The  true care and concern at Hudson Chiropractic is something you just  don’t find enough of in today's world!"      Jamie Williams | Stow, Ohio

Hudson Chiropractic serves Hudson, Twinsburg, Stow, Kent, Cuyahoga Falls and surrounding communities

My "Ultimate Chiropractic" Office

"I have visited many chiropractors throughout my life and have found my "ultimate chiropractic" office at Hudson Chiropractic. I went to see Dr. Bob because my regular chiropractor was moving out of state. I am so happy I made that call. I know I probably waited way too long to go, thinking it would get better. I was having horrible neck and low back pain. My neck pain started to go down my left arm leaving my fingers and hand numb and tingling. I knew something was definitely wrong. [Dr. Bob] put me on a plan right away and once he got my body back in balance we did neck decompression (never even knew they had such a thing!). I cannot believe what a difference the therapy has made. Once I got to know the doctor and his staff better, I knew without a doubt that I was supernaturally sent to the place I should have been all along. They are the most caring, kind, and loving practice I have ever been to. I know longer feel as if I am going to a doctor; I feel like I am going to visit family. I thank God I found them!"     

Lexanne Annis | Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Helped our Entire Family

 “Dr. Bob has been treating our family for several months with impressive results. We initially brought our daughter to Dr. Bob to help with problems with her wrist at the beginning of her varsity basketball season. After her first visit, she had greatly improved with increased mobility and less pain. After several sessions of laser treatment, her wrist was fully recovered. Regular adjustments helped put everything back in alignment for a great season and helped us as well. My husband’s arthritis in his neck restricted how far he could turn, particularly while driving. Regular adjustments have restored his neck to full range of motion, relieved us both from the neck and shoulder pain from many hours at the computer, have us sleeping better (we used to take a sleep aide 4-5 times a week) and have helped reduce headaches, sinus issues and allergy symptoms. All in all, we are feeling great!”       Julie Stout & Family | Stow, Ohio 

Thorough Treatment with Results

Whenever someone goes to a doctor or chiropractor and is in a lot of pain, it makes such a huge difference to be greeted by friendly, caring staff. I always feel I am coming to see my friends and it sets the pace for the treatment I will be getting. Dr. Graves (Dr. Bob as I like to call him) greets me with a smile and is always punctual. He is very thorough in asking me about my pain and gives suggestions and exercises for me to do at home. I usually need muscle stimulation with either hot or cold packs and makes such a difference for when he adjusts me. I do feel better after seeing Dr. Bob and I can continue my daily activities.    Kathryn Terrazino | Hudson, Ohio

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