Sole Support® Custom Orthotics

Better foot support means less pain & better posture

There are many routine treatments for foot problems, from anti-inflammatory pills to cortisone injections, to a million different pads, cushions, ointments and, of course, surgery. All of these have temporary, pain-relieving effects. But, if you want the chance to permanently solve the problem, you must change the way your feet function on the ground. The only way to do that is to use a true custom, biomechanical orthotic.  


Sole Supports® are Full Contact foot orthotics. Sole Supports® are unique in that they are custom fit to the patient's feet and maintain constant contact with the bottom of the patient's feet; providing total support. Find out more... 


Why Sole Supports®


  •  Custom calibrated for your weight and activity (a Sole Supports ® exclusive!) 
  • Engineered to actually change foot posture & function 
  • Captures the foot in the ideal position for weight-bearing activities
  • Top quality materials

For all Activity Levels

Whether you a sports minded person, or just physically fit, Sole Supports foot orthotics are in use

 Sole Supports® foot orthotics are used by sports figures around the world. But even with normal, everyday activities, correcting your foot posture is crucial to your knees, hips, and lower back. 

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Natural Pain Relief


 Plantar Fascitis, shin splints, knee pain, chronic foot pain ...

Whether you want to prevent an athletic injury, or are just worried about taking that first step in the morning, Sole Supports® can help. 

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