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experienced Chiropractic in Hudson, Ohio
Certified Sports CHiropractic

​Individualized Natural Healing Solutions

Proud to offer 30 years of chiropractic, physiotherapy and

sports injury rehab experience to Hudson, Ohio

and its surrounding communities.


Hudson Chiropractic is committed to your treatment, healing, health education and continued well-being.  
We adapt each service program to your individual needs because EVERY PERSON IS UNIQUE.

Services Provided

Personal Chiropractic Care
Affordable Lumbar & Cervical Decompression
Sports Injury Therapy & Rehab
Electro -Muscle Stimulation Therapy
Custom Orthotics
Whole-Food Nutritional Supplements
Cold Laser Therapy
Therapeutic Exercise

Conditions Treated

Neck & Back Pain
Sports Injuries
Auto Injuries

Headaches & Migraines​

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Joint Pain & Arthritis
Plantar Faciitis

Disc Bulging & Herniation

About Us

Our first priority is YOU.

Hudson Chiropractic offers chiropractic care and rehabilitative care in Hudson, Ohio.  

While implementing a whole person approach, we treat the individual; not just the symptom.

​At Hudson Chiropractic, we believe in combining good old-fashioned values of care with the latest advances and solutions for your health. 

Our goal is always to provide exceptional treatment and outstanding customer service.

Hudson Chiropractic, LLC

"From  my very first visit I was impressed! The consultation was very thorough  with a full explanation of what was happening with my neck, why it was  occurring and a plan for treatment.  My neck now has a  full range of  motion and the personalized care along the way was just incredible!  The  true care and concern at Hudson Chiropractic is something you just  don’t find enough of in today's world!"

-Jamie Williams,
Executive District Manager

Arbonne Consultant